Hazel Bambrick – Director of Communications & Design


Hazel Bambrick

Hazel Bambrick, Director of Communications & Design

Hazel has had a very international personal and working life. Her early education, both school and college was spent in the UK. Work experience in the UK covered wide range of activities  involved in the media: radio and tv, and in sales and marketing.  During those years she worked and travelled in Europe and Scandinavia.

Coming to Australia in 1964 as a “ Ten Pound Pom”  she worked her way around four states involved in media: newspapers, radio, television  and events management.

For some four years, as the wife of an Australian on active diplomatic duty in the USA (Barnie Bambrick),  Hazel fulfilled a demanding schedule of responsibilities in the midst of one of Australia’s busiest diplomatic communities. During the extended stay in the USA  Hazel added an Interior Design qualification. On returning to Australia Hazel practiced as an interior designer, working  for an entrepreneurial property developer and as a freelance designer.

With a keen interest in arts and cultural heritage Hazel became involved in the challenge to save May Gibbs House in Neutral Bay.  This was a nation wide campaign involving cultural heritage, children’s literature, and  serious  fund raising- credited for her part with a plaque displayed in the house known as Nutcote. Also working with the school community, past students, parents and the Department of Education as a strategic planner/campaigner for the relocation of North Sydney Girls High School for which she received a Minister’s Award for the Contribution to Education for Girls in NSW

With daughters entering tertiary education and with more time to dedicate to business Hazel launched  an Interior Design Practice called Designing Women.  As a space-planning and interior design practice, Hazel mentored a team of  some 7+ designers and directed projects in Sydney, the ACT and regional Australia. With more than  30+ years working at several different levels of the building industry Hazel has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about products, people, places and how and where we all live.